The Chosen One and the Mist

Josevelio Rodríguez Abreu

To Ramón Unzueta

Alla Nazimova and you have made a pact of silence and blood

of which you dream in one sense only, that of solitude.

Like a dove captive of colors… it is the shadow of Salomé in the celebration of the body,

it is the mute metaphor of the lightness of birds and their weightlessness.

You met in autumn,                                       

when the destination of trains

is eternity and mist.

(Each one is happy for the tiredness of the flowers).

Allá doesn’t want one more pain in your colors,

only the spell of the sea

and the songs of the crescent moon.

With her wings, Nazimova protects the Chosen One

(each one, almost happy).


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